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The transportation units, each composed of a tractor and a trailer, besides serving Comexim Café and Comexim Bebidas, also do work for companies like Maratá, Armazéns Gerais Grande Leste, Icatu, Química Amparo (Ipê), Penha Indústria de Papel, Cofap, IVL Agrícola and Champion Celulose e Papel, and others.
It began activities in 2000, still under the name Roma Transports, and ninety per cent of its work was done for Comexim Café.
In 2005, Comexim purchased 50% of the transportation company to meet the need to diversify the group’s activities, which had until then been exclusively focused on coffee trade and exports. In 2007 the transportation company was purchased by the group, and renamed Comexim Transports.
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