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From the companyís founding to the present

From Smyrna, in Turkey, a city with 5 thousand years of history and one of the oldest in the Mediterranean, the young Raimondo, only 17 years old, set off for a new world. It was 1918 and a new story was beginning: the challenges faced by a young man, with a talent for success, who was moving to a strange land. But after living in Brazil for only 15 years, Raimondo was already an expert in coffee, Brazilís greatest wealth. He began to work in the export area, hired by Fincoffee Company, and learned all there was to know about the international green coffee trade. He was a man of this branch: a coffee branch. And everything he learned he passed on to his son Aron. And the story continues. In 1969, Aron purchased Comexim, a company founded in 1960, investing all the know-how he inherited from his father in the Company. In 1991, the third generation of the family joined the management team.

"Bean by bean, inevitable growth"

In 1991, Comexim opened a purchasing location in Ouro Fino (MG) and rented a warehouse with the monthly capacity to prepare six thousand 60-kilo bags. In 1995, a new warehouse began operation in an area covering 3,500 square meters. This warehouse grew with the Company. Current storage capacity is 150 thousand bags and preparation of 100 thousand bags per month, in an area covering 10 thousand square meters.

"Diversify to serve more"

Comexim Transports was the natural and necessary consequence of the Companyís concern with quality, innovation and punctuality of the delivery services of its products. Over time it exceeded the limits of the Company itself, through its good performance, and expanded its business, adding other clients. Today it has its own fleet of 42 trucks and 30 service vehicles.

Comexim Ė a company with an innovative and entrepreneuring vision. Led by the familyís third generation.

1918 - first generation begins to work in green coffee exports trade.
1969 - Comexim, then a nine-year old company, is bought.
1991 - the family’s third generation joins Comeximís management team.
1995 - a new warehouse begins operation, in an area covering 3,500 square meters. Current storage capacity is 150 thousand bags and preparation capacity is 100 thousand bags per month, in a 10-thousand square meter facility.
2000 - Comexim joins the transports business as the groupís activities become diversified.
2010 - Comexim Transports has its own fleet of 42 trucks and an additional fleet of 30 third-party vehicles.
- Coffee exports made a great year. - The beverages unit has launched its complete line of differentiated beverages and keeps improving its brands.
2011 - The Company made many achievements this year, with record sales 50% higher than the average of the past five years, and an export record of 35% of coffee with sustainability certificates.
2014 -  
Comexim begins operation in the specialty coffee market.

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