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Quality Control
To obtain the most respected seals and certifications of world sustainability, Comexim exercises strict control over its production, from the receipt of raw materials to the manufacture of the products without manual contact. State of the art techniques and equipment ensure full final quality, which is also the result of analysis, inspection and tasting of demanding experts with extensive knowledge.
Every sample is analyzed for the following:
- Color
- Moisture
- Aspect (uniformity)
- Classification by size (large grains / small grains)
- Aroma
- Picking (defects)
- Tasting
Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance Certified™, UTZ Certified and 4C are valuable certifications and verifications when it comes to coffee for export. The Comexim is qualified to work with all three coffee certifications and also with the 4 C verification. Offering certifications for coffee buyers is to offer know-how to producers. This kind of incentive that Comexim offers to its producers results in certified coffees, in selfsustaining productions and quality for export.

Fairtrade ( - OPPORTUNITY FOR SMALL PRODUCERS. Fairtrade promotes fair market conditions for small producers.The NGO supports the buying of crops from small producer organizations. A minimum price for the products and a Premium are some of the incentives that Fairtrade can offer to those who implement self-sustainable actions. Fairtrade also supports the raising of awareness of consumers and governments in order to promote the access of producers to its markets.


The ASSOPRO (Association for Ouro Fino Small Producers), was created to assure a sustainable agriculture for this specific group. In addition to the technical assistance for its associates, ASSOPRO offers tools to improve the coffee quality for its producers.

Rainforest Alliance Certified™ ( - looks to guarantee the biodiversity preservation and to make possible the sustainable agriculture to the producers communities, with improvements in the production practices, negotiation and behaviour, concerning the market demands.
Utz Certified ( is a seal that marks the companies that trade coffee and that have a great impact in the social and environmental sectors by the production of ecologically correct products. It is to guarantee to the consumer that the coffee he is buying comes from producers that have great responsibility with biodiversity, reforestation of devasted areas and the protection of native species. This includes the ban of pesticides that can harm human beings and animals. A Comexim counts with a modern warehouse that received the label of UTZ Certified. The seal ensures a very important control, that goes from the cultivation to the roasting, where the Comexim is an important link in this tracking chain.
4C provides a Code of Conduct that establishes parametric standards for sustainable production and processing in the social, environmental and economic areas.
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