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The Legend of Coffee
According to the legend, a long time ago, a young shepherd named Kaldi was taking care of his goat herd on a dry and arid mountain in Abyssinia, today Ethiopia, where a few scrubby plants managed to anchor their roots in the rocky soil. Kaldi realized that for several nights, his animals would disappear behind the mountain for a few hours, and would return full of energy. He became nervous, afraid that his animals were being possessed by a demon. One night, he followed them. He saw that they devoured small red berries from an unknown plant. Right afterwards, the nanny goats and an old Billy goat began to dance under the moonlight. Kaldi gathered and tasted some of the berries. He felt an enjoyable refreshing sensation in his mouth, and just like his herd, he also began to dance. Such a happy shepherd had never been seen on the face of the earth before. Kaldi spoke of his experience with an old monk in the region, and the monk also decided to try the berries. He took some back to his monastery and made a drink. He noted that the beverage helped him to fight off drowsiness, during long prayers. This discovery spread rapidly among other monasteries, and the drink became more popular. There is evidence that coffee was first grown in Islamic monasteries in Yemen.
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