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Comexim has been active on the coffee market for over 50 years. Currently, it distributes to Brazilian companies and exports to the USA, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Hungary, Holland, Greece, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, French Polynesia and Japan. To meet its high quality standards, laboratories in Santos (SP) analyze and confirm all samples. The approved coffee is sent to our warehouse in Ouro Fino (MG), where it is processed on high tech equipment and prepared for customized sale for each client. Our delivery logistics are handled by Comexim Transports, which ensures timely and safe delivery throughout Brazil.
Quality recognized throughout the world
To obtain the most respected seals and certifications of world sustainability, Comexim exercises strict control over its production, from the receipt of raw materials to the manufacture of the products without manual contact. State of the art techniques and equipment ensure full final quality, which is also the result of analysis, inspection and tasting by demanding experts with extensive knowledge.
Comexim is qualified to work with these 3 coffee certifications and also with the 4C certification (All Shown above). This is the international recognition of the sustainability of its products. To offer certifications to coffee buyers is to transfer know-how to producers. The result of these incentives is certified coffee, in self-sustainable crops, with export-grade quality.
Our global quality
From pre-selection to delivery to the final client, our coffee undergoes the most sophisticated processes of quality control.
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