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Coffee Export

Half a century of expertise

Comexim has been in the market to purchase process and export coffee beans for more than 50 years. The Company’s headquarters is in Santos (SP), where the laboratories and main offices are located. The warehouse is in the city of Ouro Fino (MG), with the capacity to store 150 thousand bags and to prepare 100 thousand bags per month, in an area covering 10 thousand square meters.

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Comexim Transports

On Brazil’s roads since 2005

Comexim has worked in the area of bulk cargo transport using pallets, containers and curtain sider trucks (closed origin-destination) throughout Brazil since 2005. Besides serving its own clients, Comexim Transports also takes care of the logistics for the Group, with self-sufficiency to guarantee cargo integrity and on-time delivery. Comexim’s main offices are in Ouro Fino (MG) and Santos (SP) and the company has 45 transportation units, including container tractor-trailers and curtain sider tractor-trailers.

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A brief background of the company from its founding to the present
The history of Comexim began in 1918. Raimondo, only 17 years old, came from Smyrna, in Turkey, and began a journey full of challenges. In 1933, Raimondo was hired in the export department of Fincoffee Company and there began to learn about selling green coffee. In 1969, Raimondo’s son Aron purchased Comexim, which had been founded in 1960. He invested all the knowledge he received from his father in the Company. The family’s specialization in the coffee business grew gradually and naturally. In 1991, the third generation of the family took over company management.
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